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HP Old Lady Smut Brigade
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A fanfic community, focusing on the ladies of Harry Potter who are no longer students. Het and femmeslash fiction is welcome, as well as discussion, icons, links, and other on-topic items. Any ship welcome, as long as at least one of the members is an adult female character from Harry Potter.

NOTE: While smut is acceptable and encouraged (up to an NC-17 rating, with lj-cuts), genfic and non-ship fic is also welcome here. Please make sure to post unambiguous spoiler warnings if a story posted or linked includes any references to potentially upsetting pairings, such as underage, incest, or non-con.

All posts of artwork, fiction, poetry, filk, or any other creative endeavor shall include the following header information outside the LJ-Cut:

Pairing (optional):
A/N (optional)

Please read the Administration Post on Ratings and Labeling and post a comment to state you have read and understand the ratings system for this group.

UBERNOTE: Flames just won't be tolerated. All ships are acceptable here, so long as they fit the requirements. Incendiary posts will be deleted immediately. Repeat performers in the flame ballet will be pulled off the stage with a large hook. (And banned from this community.)

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